Introduction of Dakini project:


Dakini Project is a non-profit and non-governmental project operated by Tibetan youngsters in Xining,Qinghai Province,China (Amdo Tibetan Region)


What does Dakini mean? A ḍākinī (Tibetan: མཁའ་འགྲོ་མ) means “sky-dancer” they are emanations of wisdom and awareness. We believe that Dakini nature is hidden in every being.


Main Goal: Dakini project would like to ameliorate Tibetan women’s material life, to enrich and improve their general mental and health being.  we are working with local government on creating sex education for young Tibetan girls about forbidden topics like sexuality, how to face a puppy love, self cleaning and building self-confidence as a woman. We are also looking for any kind of adaptable educational trainings on language and art for Tibetan women and girls.


How can you be part of the Dakini project?

  • Winter Language & Culture Training program

This training camp offers tibetan children a 20-day to study Tibetan folk stories and culture in both English and Tibetan language. most of our trainers are university students who seek for participation of different social activities for improving their skills and enriching their life experiences. Dakini project provides a certain amount of fund needed for operating winter training programs in their own villages and counties.

The fund covers:

  • Renting a space as classroom for 20 days (6 teaching hours per day)
  • Salary for the trainer for 20 days ( 1h = 10 yuan)
  • Fund for heating
  • Limited fund for preparation process (whiteboard, printing materials&other possible teaching tools.)

This is our teacher from Chentsa county and his students in 2016-2017 winter


Winter training with Paljor in Chentsa 2016

Students of Winter training program in Chentsa

speech training in Class 2016


2) Summer Camp

This is a non-profit trip for girls with different skills and talents, such as painting, singing, calligraphy as well as cultural inheritor from all parts of China to visit Amdo Tibetan region with Tibetan girls from poor family conditions, together they will learn Common Ngödro Practice according to Yuthok Nyingthig – the essence heart teaching of Yuthok as well as Nejang Yoga in the mornings. Meanwhile, they will visit rural areas and experience the differences between their mentalities, learn from each other in order to reduce stereotype views. Chinese girls will sponsor themselves during the trip whereas tibetan girls from poor familes will be sponsored by Dakini project. This summer camp helps Chinese young ladies to understand tibetan culture, it helps them to establish inner peace through spiritual practice such as basic teaching of Ngödro and Nejang Yoga. This summer camp also helps tibetan girls from poor family to broad their world view by seeing ladies who earn a living by doing things they love, helping them to realise life can be delivered in diverse ways, not only the kind they see in their village or town.

Lama explaining Tibetan astrology

Nejang yoga with Summer camp 2016


observing thangka culture

3) Annual Sex Education seminar and public talks for Young tibetan ladies and school girls, co-organized by LAMNA Entrepreneur Club.

Nejang exercise with tibetan school girls in Labrang



4) Sponser A Child

Dechen Angmo, She is 20 years old, she has two siblings, her father died young, her mother has no job, they don’t have much live stock. She just started her university in Qinghai stock farming collage, she wants to become a Tibetan vet. Her annual tuition is 4000yuan (570euros). her monthly food cost is 300yuan (43euros).

Dechen and her single mother

Dechen’s bedroom

Dechen’s family livingroom


More children and program in need of help will be posted in near future.





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