Traveller Tips

Please send us scan copy of your passport, title of profession before 15th May, Invitation letter & hotel reservation will be sent before 5th June.

You should select Xining Train Station as your destination if you travel in train, train tickets are usually available 2 months in advance, but we strongly suggest you to check the website below and buy it as soon as possible when it’s available, because hard and soft sleepers are limited, and we believe you wouldn’t want to sit or stand for 20 hours on the train. Hard sleeper is 6-bed without door to the corridor, soft sleeper is 4-bed with sliding door. Trains are 60% cheaper than flights, train stations is always crowded, once you bought the ticket online, you need to take your passport to the ticket selling windows to get the paper ticket before you get on the train, it is wiser to go there at least 3 hours in advance. We will be in Xining train station to pick you up!

The name of the airport in Amdo is CaoJiaBao Airport, most of the air tickets in China are full price during July and August, best place to fly would be Xi’an to XiNing, a round ticket would be less than 250 euros.

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