Tsetan Gyal

I was born in a small village called Dongo, which belongs to Chenza county under Qinghai
province. The livelihood of my village totally depends on farming. I did my school with full
support from my family. I am lucky that I was able to continue my study in college. I graduated
from Qinghai Vocational College with a BA degree. While I was in college I realized the
importance of English and it became my passion to learn English. I use to attend free English
courses, i tried to speak with foreigners. I had passion to deepen my study in English language,
therefore I found out that being an English tour guide is the best way to keep contact with
outside world, since then I started a life as a tour guide, I learned so much from talking to
people from different culture backgrounds. Every time I hear new stories, experiences and
adventures from my clients, i admire them as incredible wonderful travelers. So I like my
choice as a guide that I am still learning more than when I was a student sitting in a classroom.

At last but not the least, I would like to express that It’s always been my dream to travel
abroad to learn something new, to see the things that were explained to me by my clients,
to experience the experiences that I heard, my aim is to socially benefits my community
and culture with all these new things I learned and experienced. I am grateful to have had
the opportunity to work with Sorigtour, it is an amazing team where we shared all
responsibilities together, i am already waiting to work with Sorig students from all over the world.
See you in Amdo!

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